The Touch

Steering wheels are like the pillows; so many feel average, but when you get the perfect one it makes life magical. The moment I first felt the OMP Targa magic was cast, naturally that spell was continued to the Toucan.

The smaller 330mm diameter was key for the Toucan, with the 355mm wheel and the low seat the steering wheel was blocking vision out of the car. Here’s a comparison photo of the John Cooper Works 355mm wheel vs. the 330mm OMP Targa, just a touch smaller.

Mini specific hubs are some sort of witch craft; people claim to have them but they really don’t exist. We ended up using a MOMO hub which claimed to be Mini specific, when it arrived it turned out to really be an E46 BMW hub and did not fit properly.

That problem was quickly fixed with a trip to an old-time friend Fraser at Torode Precision; one the most generous and interesting people I know with a true passion for British motoring. In a few minutes we had a 6mm spacer machined to fit behind the hub, allowing the BMW hub to fit like a glove on the Mini.